Do These 9 Things Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Do These 9 Things Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Planning to put your home on the market? If so, chances are you’ve heard a range of opinions on how to properly prepare for it. Whether it’s advice you’ve received from your realtor or counsel you discovered online, you may be a tad lost about how you should approach it.

With this in mind, acclaimed Oahu real estate agent Fran Magbual has compiled this list of tasks to handle before you drive a For Sale stake into your front yard. Read on for her expert home-selling tips.

Find an outstanding, reputable realtor

The advantages of working with an experienced, enthusiastic realtor cannot be overstated. From helping you select the most appropriate price for your home to spearheading negotiations, trustworthy realtors can make selling your home from stressful to successful. Real estate agents can also offer you a wealth of information on the changes you ought to make to your home that are particular to your property, city, and situation.

Evaluate comparable homes in your area

The asking price you choose for your home depends on several factors, including similar properties in your neighborhood. While your realtor will always run a comparative market analysis on your behalf, gaining a grasp on the renovations your competition is making will shape the larger changes you make to your home before putting it on the market. This may be as simple as transforming your outdoor space into a lush, plant-filled haven and as dramatic as upgrading your master bathroom. The beauty of selling your home is that you are at liberty to make changes that are aligned with your timeline and circumstances.

Arrange for a pre-listing inspection

You may have a crystal-clear idea of aesthetic changes you want to make to your home to ensure it is as alluring as possible. But unless you work in the building industry, you might not know that your electrical system is flawed or your roof is nearing collapse.

Managing issues like these are imperative. Buyers almost always ask for an inspection contingency before moving forward with their purchase offer; the only exception to this is if they’re purchasing your home as is. If their home inspector discovers major faults in your home, you may have to settle on a lower price, offer a repair credit, or, in worst-case scenarios, watch a buyer walk away from the deal. Performing your own inspection before listing your home will keep surprises from emerging during negotiations and give you a chance to take care of matters with the assistance of your trusted contractor.

Hire a painter

A fresh paint job is just a few degrees short of a miracle. It instantly revitalizes a home, making it appear newer, cleaner, and fresher. With the right hues, the rooms of your home might also appear larger and brighter, particularly if you choose a light-reflecting shade. Eggshell, ecru, and pure white are particularly effective at bringing more luminosity indoors. And while you might be tempted to handle your interior paint job solo, a professional will give it the polish and gloss it needs to make an impression with prospective buyers.

Tuck away your personal belongings

When preparing your home for sale, consider the impact it will have on buyers viewing your home at an open house or showing. Personal belongings keep buyers from envisioning a home as their own, while clutter can make a room seem cramped. Perform a sweep through your home from top to bottom, and stash away anything that might detract from your house’s innate beauty and structure.

Clear out your storage areas

Whether it’s a garage or a guest room closet, home sellers tend to overlook their storage areas. One would think a buyer is more focused on a home’s architecture and views. Storage areas, however, are vital, particularly for large families or individuals with an abundance of hobbies. Clean out your pantry, cabinets, drawers, closets, garage, and, if applicable, your basement and attic. By doing so, your home as a whole will seem more spacious.

Introduce a professional home stager to the mix

It may seem unnecessary to hire a professional home stager when your home already looks lovely and inviting, but these experts have the tricks, tools, and training to play into a buyer’s psychology and will transform your home’s interior to make it look as irresistible as possible. As a result, your home may spend less time on the market. According to data published by the National Association of Realtors, staged homes may sell between three and 30 percent faster than non-staged properties.

Eye your landscaping

Unless you’re selling your townhouse or condominium, keep in mind that the exterior of your home and its landscaping have just as much weight as its interior. A tired yard littered with weeds and dead flowers paints a dreary picture; a yard thriving with grass, plants, trees, and blossoms will make your home feel and look like a paradise. If time is on your side, plant perennials around the periphery of your land or call in a landscape artist.

Elevate the appearance of your entrance

“Curb appeal” is frequently uttered in the real estate sphere for a reason. Your home’s initial impression with prospective buyers may weigh heavily in their decision. Assess your window treatments, the condition of your door, and details like whether or not your hardware is tarnished. A few simple tweaks can make the entrance to your house sparkle and persuade a potential buyer to put in an offer.

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