Insider Secrets: All You Need To Know Before Going To The Ewa Beach Golf Club

Insider Secrets: All You Need To Know Before Going To The Ewa Beach Golf Club

The island of Oahu is home to more than three dozen golf courses, more than any other in Hawaii. Each of these uniquely designed courses makes the island a golfer’s paradise, with links ranging from ones that cater to intermediate golfers to ones that are walked by professionals. For many avid golfers, living near one of these courses would be a dream come true. And though homes near one of the most popular of these courses, the Ewa Beach Golf Club, are in short supply, some patience and a savvy realtor will help you find your way to your new home. As a golfer, you’ll discover that this course is as picturesque as it is challenging. As a resident, you’ll learn that Ewa Beach Club is one of the amenities on this end of Oahu, making it the perfect place for the next phase of your life.

The course was designed based on traditional Scottish links

The Ewa Beach Golf Club first opened more than 30 years ago in 1992. Designed by the legendary Robin Nelson, the course was established to be in the tradition of the Scottish courses that began it all. This 18-hole course takes you away from your start at the clubhouse for the first nine holes before winding back toward your starting point over the back nine.

Though traditional in layout, the links here are meant to be one of the most challenging courses on the islands. The course was carefully carved out of the Kiawe Forest, with mature trees and other natural elements left intact. This means indescribable beauty but also forces a golfer to have a true drive to stay on the fairway without being mired down by obstacles. There are multiple water hazards along your way to the 18th green, as well as bunkers along many of the fairways. The Ewa Beach Golf Club gives a challenging course experience, but one that true aficionados will not soon forget.

There is a dress code that is enforced

If you plan on hitting the links at the Ewa Beach Club, be aware that the course has a dress code that is enforced. To play a round, you must be wearing a collared shirt. The club will not allow tank tops or t-shirts for any player. Strapless and backless shirts are also prohibited. Additionally, spiked shoes are not allowed on the property. These rules apply to both members and their guests.

Ewa Beach uses a special grass for the course

If you’re familiar with Oahu, you’ve most likely noticed that the part of the island that hosts the Ewa Beach Golf Club is the driest on the island. Without the moisture needed to keep a course looking its best, you might be surprised to see just how lush the links here look. You won’t notice a spot of brown anywhere, making it a bit of a marvel. The secret behind this is the type of grass used.

When the course was first designed in 1992, it was the first golf course to use a grass called Seashore Paspalum. When other courses on the island have their greenery darken during the driest months, the grass on the links at Ewa stays as green as it would have just after a day of rainfall. Seashore Paspalum is a grass that can be treated with non-potable water, increasing the options of keeping the course looking vibrant and healthy. This species of grass is also tolerant to seawater, which is also used to keep it looking green.

Greens fees are less expensive later in the day

A course of this caliber might lead you to believe you’ll be paying a giant premium to play 18 holes. And while there are less expensive courses on the islands, you’ll likely find that the Ewa Beach Golf Club has greens fees that are reasonable.

Tee times are usually less as the day progresses. Though the climate does get a bit more humid as the day goes by, those who don’t mind golfing in the heat can save a bit by teeing off after 1 pm.

You’ll enjoy casual dining prepared by a masterful executive chef

The club features the perfect spot for unwinding after you play 18 holes. Restaurant Tombo serves up an eclectic variety of dishes, with each one prepared under the watchful eye of one of Oahu’s greatest chefs.

The dining experience here is a casual one. Whether you are looking for a place to eat after your playing time or just wish to enjoy a great meal along a scenic course, Restaurant Tombo will not disappoint. The restaurant also has a fully stocked bar, with libation experts on staff to create refreshing drinks on the hottest days.

The clubhouse is also the perfect spot for your private event or banquet. There are a variety of menu options for you to choose from as well, making it cater to your event’s needs. Whether you are looking for a spot for a business affair or a wedding reception, the club provides excellent service in a unique environment.

Want to live near this course?

Whether you’re considering a trans-Pacific move to Oahu or are a current resident looking to upgrade your home, a real estate professional familiar with the islands will greatly benefit you. A skilled and dedicated agent like Fran Magbual can lessen the stress of narrowing down Ewa Beach homes for sale, finding you the perfect one that fits your wants and needs. Make an appointment with her today, and you’ll soon be relaxing in your new beachfront home before hitting the links at the Ewa Beach Golf Club.

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